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Parents Corner

Welcome to Shiloh Nation Parents

Dear Parents,

The coaching staff of Shiloh Athletic Association Football Program would like to welcome you as we enter our 2024 football season. We would like to begin this communication with a message of thanks to all our parents who dedicate their time and efforts in making sure that their child is involved with our youth football program. With your participation in assisting our coaching staff in our mission to create a healthy environment that will enable your child’s growth in the community, this program will continue to prosper and groom dedicated young athletes for generations to come. 




Parents will need to provide the following for their child:

  • Helmet (Black)
  • Shoulder Pads
  • Chinstrap for helmet
  • Mouth Piece
  • Cleats (No metal spike cleats)
  • Practice pants & Practice Jersey


7YO 6-7
8YO 7-8
9YO 8-9
10YO 9-10
11YO 10-11
12YO 11-12
8TH GRADE 12-13-14


A child's age on September 1st of the upcoming season determines the division they play in.

8th GRADE DIVISION - The child MUST by going to the 7th or 8th grade the upcoming season. NO 9TH GRADERS! 

Parental Rules and Guidelines 

***Parents Are Key Players in Our Teams Success *** 
Parents are not permitted on the practice field unless permitted by the coaches. Once the athlete steps on the practice field or game field, they are the responsibility of the coaching staff, and the parents must allow and trust the coaches to coach effectively.  
During games, please refrain from yelling or taunting the officials. The team will be penalized for any unsportsmanlike conduct, and the officials can remove anyone from the venue who causes a disturbance. Remember, this is youth football and we want our players to have a FUN experience!!! 


As we enter this season of football, there is a short list of things that are required of our players before they take the practice field and the field of play.

The following items are needed for player certification: 

Click on the link below, create a parents account, and follow the instructions to upload the following documents:

1GFL Age & Grade Verification (

  • Physical (Completed on GFL Physical Form)<--Must be submitted for your child to practice!
  • School Report Card
  • Birth Certificate
  • Photo of Child

Important Forms for Parents